Sugar Changed the World

Background knowledge in the various cultures, political and economic vocabulary and geography has traditionally been among the biggest obstacles to success in Global Studies for our students. It is difficult to teach new content when students do not have a base to build from. In the effort to try to address this concern, students entering 10th grade Global Studies this fall will be assigned a summer reading assignment.

Students have been issued a book, Sugar Changed The World: A Story of Magic, Spice, Slavery, Freedom and Science by Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos. The book has been purchased by the Norman Howard School and students will be required to return the book in the fall along with assigned work to go with the text. Should the book be lost or damaged, students will be responsible to replace the book at a cost of $12.00.

Sugar Changed the World chronicles the history of the sugar trade, spanning the entire ninth and tenth grade curriculum from ancient times to the Age of Exploration (the first unit of Global Studies II) to the modern day. The demand for this raw resource affected cultures around the globe, shaping our modern world. The content of this book will serve a valuable reference point for our students as they progress through the Global Studies curriculum and prepare for the Global Studies Regents Exam in June 2016.

The book, along with assignments, is available in Kurzweil format to assist struggling readers.  Students must choose to either complete the chapter questions or alternate project.

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